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They Blessed Families of Terrorist
By Micah Halpern

Thursday March 31, 2022
I've Been Thinking:

Two Palestinian Arab terrorists murdered two Israeli officers and wounded many others in the city of Hadera before they were killed by undercover police who were having a meal at a café nearby.

Jordan condemned the attack. Turkey, Bahrain, Egypt and many other Arab countries condemned the attack.

The municipality of Umm al Fahm, an Arab city inside Israel proper, sent official condolences to the families – that is, to the families of the two terrorists.

The official Umm al Fahm statement read: "We send are heartfelt condolences for the deaths of Ayman Agrabia and Ibrahim Agrabia. May God take pity on them and forgive them."

Earlier in the week, Samir Mahamid, the mayor of the Arab Israeli city, told Ynet that the municipality and he personally, condemn the attack.

That statement condemning the attack was later retracted, explaining that it had been a mistake. According to the municipality: "We thought it was right to release a condolence statement as we do when people in the city pass away, but the mayor demanded we erase the statement."

Yes, the terrorists lived in Umm al Fahm - but they were terrorists.

Umm al Fahm is an Arab city in the north of Israel near Hadera and in the Haifa region. It sits in the middle of the country. It is home to 56,000 people. It is a real city.

All Umm al Fahm residents - including terrorists Ayman and Ibrahim Agrabia, are full citizens of Israel. Israelis don’t send condolences to the families of terrorists.

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1 April 2022 06:14 PM in Thoughts

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