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Shocking Studies
By Micah Halpern

Thursday April 21, 2022
I've Been Thinking:

There have been some shocking studies about US youth and their attitudes toward Israel and why they developed to those attitudes. College students were polled and here are some of their responses.

When questioned about feeling a “responsibility” towards Israel the responses were: 33% feel some responsibility, 23% feel little responsibility, and 12% feel no responsibility.

About responsibility for fellow Jews in the United States: only 9% feel a great deal of “responsibility” to help fellow Jews in the U.S., 33% feel some responsibility, 30% feel little responsibility, and 18% feel no responsibility.

These numbers are, quite frankly, shocking.

Nearly half of the college students polled have little to no “responsibility” for their fellow Jews in the United States.

“Responsibility” is a loaded term. It implies more commitment than the word “care” or “feeling”. But this is worrisome.

At the same time, 23% of the students polled reported that the anti-Israeli climate on campus or elsewhere has forced them to hide their Jewish identity. And 28% say the anti-Israeli climate on campus and elsewhere has made them rethink their own commitment to Israel. 54% say it has not affected them.

Jews are hiding their Jewish identity and young Jews are questioning their connections to Israel because of the toxic climate on campus.

That is a problem. It is a big, worrisome, problem.

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30 April 2022 09:46 PM in Thoughts

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