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Russia Uses Flechettes
By Micah Halpern

Sunday April 24, 2022
I've Been Thinking:

Most people have never heard of and certainly canít pronounce the word flechettes.

The best way to describe flechettes is the wing on a throwing dart or the feathers on an arrow. On military weapons, flechettes are the fins.

One type of weapon which uses flechettes is the cluster bomb - which is an illegal weapon according to todayís rules of war. The cluster bomb explodes high and releases hundreds of mini bombs that spread in all directions.

Russia uses flechettes. The Russians used flechettes in their invasion into Ukraine and especially in the city of Bucha. The Russians fired 122mm shells and hundreds of 3 mm flechettes flew out to attack Ukrainians.

As I said Ė flechettes are an illegal weapon according to todayís rules of war. Russia knows that. Russia, aka Vladimir Putin, does not care.

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30 April 2022 09:50 PM in Thoughts

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