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Zelenskyy & Bennett
By Micah Halpern

Wednesday May 4, 2022
I've Been Thinking:

Ukrainian President Zelenskyy spoke with Israeli Prime Minister Bennett about Russian Foreign Minister Lavrovís Hitler comments.

Zelenskyy called the comments "scandalous and completely unacceptable remarks". Zelenskyy also went on air and said that Lavrovís ridiculous pronouncement had outraged the world.

Referring to Lavrovís comments, Bennett said: "His words are untrue and their intentions are wrong. Using the Holocaust of the Jewish people as a political tool must cease immediately. Lies such as these mean to blame Jews for the horrible crimes committed against them throughout history and by doing so, remove responsibility from their enemies."

Israeli Foreign Minister Yair Lapid was very forceful in his outrage over Lavrovís comments. He found them to be both a personal affront and a historical untruth.

Lapid said: "This is an unforgivable and outrageous statement and a terrible historic mistake and we expect an apology.

"Jews did not kill themselves in the Holocaust. My grandfather was killed by Nazis. To say that Hitler was of Jewish origin is like saying that Jews killed themselves and we cannot forgive such a comparison.

"It enrages me not only as foreign minister but also as a son of my father's who was put in the Budapest ghetto. He was not put there by Jews. He was put there by Nazis.

"The Nazis persecuted the Jews and killed six million of them. Ukrainians were not Nazis. Only the Nazis were Nazis and they had conducted a systematic eradication of the Jewish people.Ē

This issue is not going away. The Kremlin firmly asserts that Ukraine is Nazi and fascist. Russianís propaganda machine is in full force telling Russians that through this invasion, they are de-Nazifying Ukraine.

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9 May 2022 11:21 PM in Thoughts

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