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Jews Fight Back in Anterp
By Micah Halpern

Sunday May 8, 2022
I've Been Thinking:

Sometimes, the news just makes me laugh.

Sometimes, an item shoots across my screen and I think it is a joke - but it turns out to be all too true.

A family of American tourists was leaving Israel after their visit. They arrived at Ben Gurion Airport and, like everyone else, stood on line for a security check of their luggage. And there, in their luggage, it was discovered that they were carrying home a souvenir they found on their trip to the Golan Heights.

What was this souvenir? It was an intact, unexploded, loaded, shell.

The airport was quickly evacuated. One person was hurt in the mayhem. The family was taken and interrogated.

The American family was quickly released and they were even able to fly home on their originally scheduled flight. It was obvious to security that they had no intention of wrongdoing. And just as obvious that they had no idea of how dangerous a souvenir they had.

In a certain way, it was a quaint story. Had they been in the United States the family would have certainly been arrested and charged. The legal principle is “ignorance is no excuse.”

In Israel, they handled things differently.

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9 May 2022 11:27 PM in Thoughts

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