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Huge Loss for Hezbollah
By Micah Halpern

Wednesday May 18 , 2022
I've Been Thinking:

There were elections in Lebanon - and Hezbollah turned out to be the big loser.

Final results are in, and Hezbollah has lost significant power.

Hezbollah won 31 seats in this election. In the last election they had only 29 seats. So how did they lose?

Here’s how:

Hezbollah’s partners from the past parliament lost significant seats in this election. Because of that Hezbollah, despite a gain of two seats, they lost power.

In bigger terms, this means that Hezbollah has lost control of the Lebanese parliament. It’s actually good news for everyone except Hezbollah.

I have been predicting this outcome for the past few months.

And that’s because, in Lebanon, for the past several months, we have witnessed numerous signs and signals that average citizens of Lebanon are expressing anger at Hezbollah. There were repeated claims that Hezbollah was putting the rest of Lebanon at serious risk. And they were shouting that Hezbollah’s priorities and Iran’s priorities are not Lebanon’s priorities.

They were publicly saying that Hezbollah keeps poking Israel and that when Israel strikes back, they hit at all Lebanese – not only Hezbollah.

And through their votes, they made their point. And they made their point loud and clear.

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19 May 2022 04:10 PM in Thoughts

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