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Fake Attack on Tel Aviv
By Micah Halpern

Saturday May 21 , 2022
I've Been Thinking:

Israel is in the midst of the month long set of drills called Chariots of Fire. The country is preparing for any and all attacks they might have to, one day, face. This is the largest, most comprehensive drill in Israeli history.

A recent Chariots of Fire drill was an enactment of an attack on Tel Aviv. During the drill it was as if missiles, shot by Hezbollah, hit the center of downtown Tel Aviv and destroyed a building. Israel actually destroyed a real building in order to truly train the participants.

A senior officer, who could not be named, who is a high ranking member of the Home Front Command explained that:

"The goal was to practice complex scenarios which could occur in the future."

"In the next military conflict, we could experience more frequent and intense rocket fire, especially from Hezbollah, and the potential of more racially motivated riots across the entire country, after the May riots last year."

The IDF trained in 42 cities and towns, they trained in industrial areas across the country activating sirens in as many as 61 communities, as part of the drill.

All to be prepared for the inevitable.

One of their biggest fears for Israeli forces is that roads will be blocked by rioters and that will prevent rescue equipment from getting to sites and it will block medical teams form evacuating the wounded.

As part of the drill the IDF was trained on how to remove rioters and free up roads. The IDF will also use a completely different internet and communication system, so that it will be 100% reliable, during any crisis that might arise.

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23 May 2022 12:23 AM in Thoughts

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