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Zelenskyy Castigates Israel
By Micah Halpern

Friday June 24, 2022
I've Been Thinking:

Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has said that the Israeli government is still not offering his country sufficient support since the Russian invasion of his country.

"We will in future have to look into each others' eyes," he said - but then added that the support of Israeli people was noted and appreciated.

Zelenskyy spoke via Zoom to an audience at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.  It was his second speech to Israelis.  The first was his address to Knesset members in March.

At Hebrew University the Ukrainian president said: "On Friday we will mark four months since the Russians invaded Ukraine and Moscow declared war against Kyiv."

"I think you have all witnessed what a tragedy it is, but nevertheless I'm sure we will prevail and win."

Zelenskyy called Russia a "terror state" and said that Russia continues its indiscriminate shelling of both Ukrainian military and civilians.

He said: "They attack and destroy our cities, and they burn everything in their path.  Some 2000 educational institutions have already [been] destroyed in Ukraine. What kind of country intentionally bombards kindergartens?"

The Ukrainian president said that there was virtually nothing left of Mariupol after heavy Russian artillery bombardments. He said: "Four months ago, half of million people lived in the city. Now, only a few tens of thousands are left. The Russians shoot people all across Ukraine, they torture them, and they rape minors - boys and girls."

"The Ukrainian people are grateful to the Israeli people for waving our national flag on the streets, and we appreciate the gesture very much. We thank the Israeli people, but we also ask for the support of your government."

"Luxembourg, with a population of some 600,000 people, provided us defensive aid equal to 15% of their defense budget. But what about Israel? We understand this is not an easy situation but we would like to see greater support."

Zelenskyy went on to say that, while it has not yet happened, he expects Israel to join the sanctions imposed by the West. In his words: "Unfortunately, we haven't seen Israel joining yet."

Meanwhile, Israel reopened its embassy in Kyiv for a few days in order to provide consular services.  Israeli Ambassador to Ukraine Michael Brodsky explained the move saying that “an Israeli diplomatic presence in Kyiv is very important and it is another sign of Israel’s support for Ukraine.”

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24 June 2022 04:48 PM in Thoughts

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