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Hezbollah's Drone
By Micah Halpern

Sunday July 3, 2022
I've Been Thinking:

Hezbollah sent the three low flying drones toward Israelís natural gas rigs in the Mediterranean Sea.†

Israel shot them down.

Hezbollah was sending a series of messages.†

# 1: Hezbollah argues that these rigs are in Lebanese waters - not Israeli waters.† And Hezbollah wants Lebanon to make the claim to the United States.†

# 2: Hezbollah also wanted to let Israel know that their gas rigs are vulnerable.†

# 3: Hezbollah was delivering a message from Iran. Iran wanted Israel to know that they have a far reach and can hit Israeli targets.† †

The drones were all shot down miles from the rigs.† One was shot down by an Israeli air force fighter jet.† The second was shot down by an Israeli navy Corvette.† The third drone was downed by a Barak-1 surface to air missile known as a SAM.

The drones did not explode when hit which indicated that they were not carrying explosives.† Rather than destroy the rigs, their mission was to take pictures that would be used to embarrass Israel and to show the vulnerability of the precious natural gas rigs.

Hezbollahís/Iranís plans backfired.

Israelís defenses were 100% on target.

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4 July 2022 10:34 PM in Thoughts

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