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Israelis at Tour de France
By Micah Halpern

Tuesday July 5, 2022
I've Been Thinking:

Israel’s cycling team is making Tour de France headlines.

Simon Clarke, an Israeli cyclist and team member, won Stage Five in the Tour de France.  This is the first time an Israeli team member has ever won any segment of the Tour de France. Clark pulled out the win in the final 50 meters of this portion of the competition.

The name of the team is Israel–Premier Tech.  Originally called Team Israel Start-Up Nation, it was established in 2014 and joined the World Tour in 2019. The team competed in the 2020 Tour de France, and has now partnered with the Canadian company Premier Tech for the 2022 season, renamed Israel Premier Tech. 

The team roster consists of eight riders, including Guy Niv, an Israeli. A second Israeli rider, Omer Goldstein, was scheduled to compete but was forced to give up his place after exposure to Covid. He was replaced with Canadian Guillaume Boivin. 

The Tour de France is a world renowned bicycle race that covers 2,000 miles in 23 days. 

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12 July 2022 12:09 AM in Thoughts

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