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ISIS Attack
By Micah Halpern

Wednesday July 6, 2022
I've Been Thinking:

ISIS is on the attack - and ISIS is succeeding in the mission. 

They are striking sites, especially prisons, and freeing hundreds of their captured commanders and soldiers.

ISIS claimed responsibility for a raid on a Nigerian prison in the capital city Abuja.  The raid freed around ISIS 440 inmates.  These former inmates are now fighters and they will join other fighting groups. 

ISIS is gaining strength.

Shuaib Belgore, permanent secretary of the Nigerian interior ministry, spoke to journalists gathered outside the Abuja prison.  He told them that the prison houses 900 inmates and that one security officer was killed during the raid and three others were injured.

A total of 879 inmates fled, according to a statement released by the Nigerian prison service. 4 inmates were killed and 16 were injured. 443 are still at large.  The remainder have been recaptured.

The 443 unaccounted for inmates have almost certainly escaped with ISIS.  That was, after all, the purpose of the attack.

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12 July 2022 12:14 AM in Thoughts

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