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Russia Bombs Oil Tanker
By Micah Halpern

Thursday July 7, 2022
I've Been Thinking:

A Russian missile hit a tanker that has been drifting in the Black Sea for over four months carrying diesel. 

The Interfax-Ukraine news agency reported the hit, citing Ukraine's military which called the ship an "ecological bomb".

The Moldova-flagged tanker Millennial Spirit has now been struck by Russia twice since Russia invaded Ukraine on Feb. 24th.

It was first hit with a missile fired from a warship mere days after the invasion began. At the time Moldova claimed that the ship had a Russian crew and that two crew members were seriously wounded.

Hitting a tanker and causing a spill could result in one of the most serious environmental disasters in decades. But it does not surprise me that Russia would be so cavalier about ecology. 

The West should have stepped in immediately, grabbed that tanker and offloaded the diesel. Now, it might be too late.  

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12 July 2022 12:23 AM in Thoughts

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