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Israel Will Strike Iean
By Micah Halpern

Saturday July 9, 2022
I've Been Thinking:

Prime Minister Yair Lapid recent announced that Israel maintains freedom of action against Iran's nuclear program.

During his remarks at the opening of the weekly Cabinet meeting, Lapid did not mince words when he said: "Israel reserves political and military freedom of action in fighting the Iranian nuclear program."
In that same meeting Israelís caretaker prime minister also appealed to Middle

Eastern Sunni Muslim countries to engage in steps of rapprochement with Israel. Speaking for their benefit he said: "Israel extends a hand to the countries of the region and calls to change history for the sake of our children."

Israel is issuing their message loudly and clearly and for everyone to hear. Iran is the most significant threat to regional stability and all nation in the region should join forces to prevent them from attaining nuclear capabilities - especially nuclear weapons.

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12 July 2022 12:32 AM in Thoughts

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