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By Micah Halpern

Friday July 15, 2022
I've Been Thinking:

A New UNESCO report just blew my socks off.

Around half the public content related to the Holocaust on the Telegram messaging service denies or distorts facts about the killing of six million of Europe's Jews in the Holocaust.

The UNESCO report found that 80% of public German-language messages about the Nazi genocide during World War II denied or distorted facts.  The same distortion was true for 50% of both English language and French language posts about the Holocaust.

The research analyzed 4,000 Holocaust-related posts across five top social media platforms.  In addition to what they found on Telegram, the researchers found Holocaust denial or distortion in 19% of content on Twitter, 17% of content on TikTok, 8% on Facebook and 3% on Instagram.

The report defined distortion as posts that celebrated the genocide, smeared or blamed its victims, equated it to other events such as Israeli policy towards Palestinians, or omitted facts about Nazi perpetrators and their collaborators.

Asked about the report, a Telegram spokesperson said: "Telegram is a platform for free speech where people are welcome to peacefully express their opinions, including those we do not agree with."

The most important point of this report is not the numbers.  These social media platforms provide us with a snapshot of today’s youth. 

Only young people are using these platforms.  Today’s youth have been infected with a POV that rejects the Holocaust.

That is astounding – and very alarming.

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18 July 2022 09:59 PM in Thoughts

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