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Putin vs Israel
By Micah Halpern

Wednesday July 27, 2022
I've Been Thinking:

Vladimir Putin is on the war path against Israel.

Russia is shutting down the office of the Jewish Agency in Moscow.  They are arresting Russian who did not declare their Israeli citizenship within 30 days of their arrival in the country.

Russia's Foreign Affairs spokeswoman, Ministry Maria Zakharova, said that Israel has taken an "unhelpful" stance towards Russia in the last few months.

In her statement, Zakharova explained that Russia’s issues with the Jewish Agency are legal rather than national.  She also acknowledged that Israel's support of Ukraine "raises questions".

During a TV interview Maria Zakharova said: “It is up to Russia's Ministry of Justice to take a decision on the fate of the Russian branch of the Jewish Agency, which helps Jews emigrate to Israel.”

When asked about the fate of the Jewish Agency in Moscow the spokeswoman responded: "It's a question for the Ministry of Justice, that's the information I have. It definitely is a legal matter.”

The Israel-based Jewish Agency is the largest Jewish organization in the world.

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28 July 2022 11:12 AM in Thoughts

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