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Explosion in Beirut
By Micah Halpern

Sunday July 30, 2022
I've Been Thinking:

Two years ago, the Port of Beirut exploded. 

The explosion was equivalent to 10% of the power of a large nuclear bomb.  It was so powerful an explosion that a major section of Beirut was destroyed and windows were broken 15 miles away.

The sound reverberated and smoke could be seen for tens of miles.

Almost exactly two years later to the day, silos in the Port of Beirut have collapsed and a large cloud of dust and smoke was seen in the area.  This report comes from a witness as reported by Reuters. 

Earlier in the month, a fire had been burning slowly in the ruins of the port's grain silos.  The fire, which gave off an orange glow was visible at night from nearby neighborhoods.  Local Lebanese warned that the fires would cause the silos to collapse but nothing was done to prevent the damage.

Something is rotten in the leadership of Lebanon.

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2 August 2022 10:28 PM in Thoughts

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