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Israel Holds PA Tax Money
By Micah Halpern

Wendesday August 3, 2022
I've Been Thinking:

Israel has decided to withhold hundreds of millions of dollars of tax revenue from the Palestinian Authority.

The tax is collected in the ports and then delivered to the PA.

The decision to withhold the money was made by Israel because the Palestinian Authority continues with its policy of paying out stipends to Palestinians who were killed or imprisoned after perpetrating terrorist acts against Israelis and the Jewish state.

Israel will offset approximately NIS 610 million ($175 million) in 12 installments. Israel withheld a similar sum in Palestinian tax revenue last summer.

The decision by Israel to withhold the money is in accordance with a 2018 law that requires them to deduct stipends paid out by the PA to Palestinian terrorists and their families. Israelis believe that the payments encourage violence, while the Palestinians say the funds assist distressed families.

In April, the High Court of Justice in Israel ruled that due to this controversial PA policy termed “Pay to Slay”, the Palestinian Authority can be held liable for terrorist acts.

Justice Yitzhak Amit, setting out the majority ruling, found that the decision to pay convicted Palestinian terrorists and those killed as part of what Palestinians define as the “struggle against Israel” makes the PA liable for their actions.

Amit wrote: “[The PA] expresses its consent to their actions, in a manner that takes responsibility for the acts. This justifies that [the PA] will be assigned personal and direct responsibility.”

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9 August 2022 09:24 PM in Thoughts

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