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Bella Hadid Hits Israel
By Micah Halpern

Saturday August 7, 2022
I've Been Thinking:

Bella Hadid, world renowned model, has 54 million followers on her Instagram account.  And Bella Hadid used that Instagram account to attack Israel.

On her Instagram account Hadid quoted from an interview with Ha’Aretz columnist Gideon Levy that ran in Al-Jazeera.  

Quoting from the interview, the super model wrote: "The Israeli public is quite brainwashed and knows very little about what is going on. In recent days we were told that the southern communities near the border with Gaza need to be under curfew because there is danger. No one knew what the danger was exactly and all of a sudden, after three or four days, Israel said this was an 'intolerable' situation – but Gaza can be under siege for 16 years and this is 'tolerable.' Meanwhile, some of the communities in the south can't withstand four days of lockdown…"

And she added pictures.

Hadid, the American born daughter of a Palestinian Jordanian has never been a fan of Israel. In fact, it’s fair to call her a Palestinian advocate and an Israeli basher.

Several months ago, on Valentine's Day, Hadid took a virtual swing at the Jewish state, posting a photograph of a heart on her Instagram page with the words "Will you free my Palestine".  It was, of course, a play on the traditional request "Will you be my Valentine."

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9 August 2022 09:33 PM in Thoughts

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