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Israel Helps Ukraine Fight Cancer
By Micah Halpern

Saturday August 13, 2022
I've Been Thinking:

The war in Ukraine, while overwhelming, does not stop people from becoming ill and requiring treatment.  It just complicates matters.  If left untreated, people will die, particularly cancer patients.

Dr. Polina Stepensky from Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem has created a training program for doctors in Ukraine.  Dr. Stepensky raised the money, brought the Ukrainian physicians to Israel and taught them how to manage care in the middle of a crisis.

Her Ukrainian contact is Dr. Anna Uzlova.

In an interview from Kiev, which has faced severe bombing strikes, Dr. Uzlova gave an interview from the National Cancer Institute, and explained: “Our patients now must fight two enemies. The disease, and the invasion. They have no choice but to win both of them.

“We realized at an early stage that the war is going to go on for a while. So, we decided to continue our efforts to treat cancer patients, and build a nationwide system to save them, under fire.”

In addition to new medical treatments, at Hadassah Hospital the Ukrainian physicians were taught the Israeli method of utilizing all staff members - nurses, therapists and social workers.  All departments within the hospital were open and available to their guests from Ukraine.

According to Stepansky: “Here in Hadassah, we have some of the most advanced treatment methods in the world, such as CAR-T (cell therapy). But we also learned how to run treatment protocols in very efficient ways. This could save an enormous amount of money for the health system.”

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15 August 2022 12:07 AM in Thoughts

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