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Gaza Starts Executions Again
By Micah Halpern

Sunday Septembert 4, 2022
I've Been Thinking:

Gaza’s Interior Ministry announced that Hamas executed five Palestinians.  

Full names were not provided for the group, but their crimes were listed. Two of the five, ages 44 and 54, were charged with engaging in espionage for Israel that dated back to 2015 and 2009. They were charged with giving information to Israel that led to the killing of Palestinians.  The other three had been convicted of murder.

The dawn executions, carried out by hanging or by firing squad, were the first official executions in the Palestinian territories since 2017.  Previous Hamas executions have drawn criticism from International human rights groups.

The official Interior Ministry statement read: "The execution was carried out after the conclusion of all legal procedures. The rulings had been final, with implementation mandatory, after all of the convicted were accorded full rights to defend themselves".

According to Palestinian law, the president, Mahmoud Abbas, has the final word on whether executions can be carried out. But Abbas has no effect on rulings in Gaza.

Since Hamas ousted Abbas and the PA from Gaza in 2007, its courts have sentenced dozens of Palestinians to death, and have executed 27 people.

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7 September 2022 06:24 PM in Thoughts

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