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Iran Hijacks Ship
By Micah Halpern

Sunday September 11, 2022
I've Been Thinking:

Iran's elite Revolutionary Guards have hijacked a foreign ship in the Persian Gulf for allegedly smuggling 757,000 liters of diesel out of the country.  That news comes to us from IRNA, the Iranian state news agency.

IRNA reported that the unnamed vessel's seven crew members, all foreign nationals, have been handed over to legal authorities.  The news agency did not release the nationality of the ship or the nationalities of the crew members.   :01/03:46TruvidfullScreen

Iran, which has some of the world's cheapest fuel prices due to heavy subsidies and the plunge in value of its national currency, has been fighting rampant fuel smuggling - both by land to neighboring countries and by sea to Gulf Arab states.

The Guards have detained several ships in the past few months for smuggling fuel in the Gulf.

This hijacking incident indicates how serious Iran is about wanting total control of the export of fuel.  Only they can break the embargo - not private companies, not investors and not pirates.

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30 September 2022 12:13 PM in Thoughts

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