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PM's Flight to Italy
By Micah Halpern

Friday March 10, 2023
I've Been Thinking:

El Al, Israel's flagship airliner, was having trouble manning a flight to take Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his wife Sara to Italy. And so, the office of the prime minister reported that they were opening a tender to locate a pilot able to fly the 777 plane.

Since his government began its push to legislate a judicial overhaul, a move that has enraged countless many in the Israeli public, El Al pilots and cabin crew have been avoiding flights with the first couple of Israel.

In an official statement El Al explained or perhaps explained away the difficulty saying that it was the result of a limited number of pilots attached to the 777 fleets. The Netanyahu's were travelling to Italy to meet with Italian far-right Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni. In the end, El AL found a crew.

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16 March 2023 04:23 PM in Thoughts

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