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Saudis & Iran New Deal
By Micah Halpern

Sunday March 12, 2023
I've Been Thinking:

Iran and Saudi Arabia agreed to reestablish diplomatic relations and reopen their embassies. This decision follows seven years of tensions. The major diplomatic breakthrough, which was negotiated with China, lowers the chance of armed conflict between the Mideast rivals - both directly and in proxy conflicts around the region.

While Saudi Arabia kept Washington informed of its talks with Iran to restore diplomatic relations, according to John Kirby, the White House Spokesman, the United States was not directly involved. Kirby explained that the road map that was announced appeared to be the result of several rounds of talks, including some held in Baghdad and Oman and that the United States has supported that process as promoting an end to the war in Yemen and to what he termed Iranian aggression. He said: "The Saudis did keep us informed about these talks that they were having, just as we keep them informed on our engagements, but we weren't directly involved."

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16 March 2023 04:30 PM in Thoughts

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