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Silly Saudis
By Micah Halpern

Welcome to The Micah Report, my ruminations on Israel, terror & security and the Middle East as well as politics and world events. Thanks for stopping by.

Ive been thinking:
The Saudis shot and killed a terrorist in Jeddah today.
The reality is that this was a major bungle!
The Saudi Interior Ministry boasted about their success saying: "guns, ammunition, grenades, pipe bombs and money were found on the man."

But did they really have anything to be proud of? Not when you hear the whole story.

Here's what happened. Saudi TV reported that: "Security forces surrounded a car used by a wanted person, and when he saw them he tried to use a hand grenade in his possession, then died after being fired upon." There's more: "A search of his car yielded a loaded handgun, two machine-guns, ammunition, three high-explosive grenades, four pipe bombs and communication devices and $2500 in cash was also found in the car." And witnesses at the scene told Reuters News Service that two men fled the scene, leaving behind rifles and ammunition in a car.

One man was killed, but two got clear away. Weapons were discovered, but in a car-not on the man as the Ministry declared.

Given that nearly 200 people, mostly foreigners have been killed in terror attacks since the bombings in Riyadh 18 months ago, and given the Saudi rhetoric that they are cracking down on terror, how could killing one terrorist while two escaped and netting 3 guns and 3 hand grenades be seen as a success? If it is, then it is a sad state of affairs.

4 June 2017 12:14 PM in Thoughts

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