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US OK'S Hamas - Blunder
By Micah Halpern

Friday October 21, 2005

I've Been Thinking:

The long anticipated meeting is over. The tension is over.
Palestinians are breathing easier.

Because Muhamad Abbas walked out of the meeting with George Bush smiling.
Because the Palestinians came way with the distinct impression that the United States will not insist that Hamas be denied participation in the upcoming Palestinian elections.

Have George Bush and his foreign policy team lost their vision?
Not only is this a complete turnabout, it is a rejection of US policy concerning terrorists and terrorism. What happened to "just say NO to terrorists"?

I'll tell you what happened. The United States believes that the anti-Hamas stance is Israel's platform. The US believes that it must show flexibility and not be seen as rubberstamping Israel's perspective on Hamas and on internal Palestinian politics. Better to sell out than to rubberstamp.

The United States is wrong.
Keeping Hamas out of politics is authentic US policy.
Altering the US tone on Hamas is scary, it is a very dangerous and inconsistent message to send to the Palestinians.
Mark my words.

4 June 2017 12:14 PM in Predictions

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