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Iran Recalls Diplomats
By Micah Halpern

Thursday November 3, 2005

I've Been Thinking:

Iran is on the offensive.
The news agency INRA quoted the Iranian foreign minister in a speech to Parliament saying that 40 pro-Western, liberal, diplomats will be replaced.

Included in that group is one of the most effective ambassadors Iran has, Mohammad Hussein Adeli, the Iranian Ambassador to London.

What is Iran doing? They are keeping everyone in line.
Iran is saying to their own diplomats that if you stepped out of line, if you dared to venture out to the Western world and to offer the West the hope that Iran is willing to make concessions and/or compromises, you did that on your own. You were not speaking for Iran and you are now coming home to be taught a lesson.

Diplomats do not run Iran.
Politicians do not run Iran.
Mullahs run Iran.
Never forget that.

4 June 2017 12:14 PM in Thoughts

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