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Sharon's Stroke
By Micah Halpern

Monday December 19, 2005

I'm Predicting:

Ariel Sharon had a mild stroke. How does it play out?

It changes everything
It changes nothing.

It changes everything if it is serious and sidelines him.
He is the one and only leader on the Israeli horizon - right, left, center.
He is the only leader with vision.
He is the only person that unites the masses in the middle of the Israeli political spectrum.
He has the maturity and the uncanny ability to out-maneuver everyone else in Israeli politics.
He has a plan and no one else does.
He is a one man band.

It changes nothing because he will probably recover totally.
Israel is a democracy and huge pendulum swings do not happen quickly.
The ball that he has already set in motion holds the promise of security for the people of Israel and the people are ready and willing to take bold steps to insure their security.

As for Arab countries in the region they have yet to make sense of this new Sharon, now they are all the more confused.

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