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Abbas Will Not Crack Hamas
By Micah Halpern

Thursday January 26, 2006

I've Been Thinking:

It was supposed to be a magic day. It wasn't.
It was supposed to be the day Palestinian people said yes to democracy. They did not.
It was the day that the Palestinian people democratically elected Hamas to power.
It happened because the United States, the Europeans and even the Israelis let it happen.
Shame on them all.

There were high hopes for the Palestinian elections. Misplaced hopes. No matter how you count it, no matter the final numbers, the true winners are Hamas. This avowed terrorist organization is now a real player in Palestinian politics. And Hamas is still sworn to the destruction of Israel and the perpetration of terror.

The US, the Europeans, Israel were saying that after the elections Abbas will crack down on Hamas. It's just another fantasy. If Abbas did not crack down before the elections, what incentive, what power, what clout do they think he has to do it now - after the people have spoken, after Hamas had such remarkable success in the elections.

This entire scenario was mis-played by the US, Israel and the entire West.
The world will suffer the ramifications of the Palestinian election of 2006.

4 June 2017 12:14 PM in Thoughts

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