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US 5 Year Threat Assessment
By Micah Halpern

Friday December 26, 2008

I've Been Thinking:

A 38 page long, 5 year threat assessment of terror against the United States was recently uncovered by the AP.
The document details the dangers that will confront the United States in the coming five years.

Here are some highlights:
Terror threats originating from Middle Eastern countries and Muslim countries are extremely high.
Non-conventional nuclear, chemical and biological weapons remain threats despite the practical difficulties in actually using them in an attack.
Significant emphasis was placed on ways in which terrorists can creatively manipulate the internet and other high tech gadgets and how terrorists will be using computers and sabotaging computers in future attempted attacks.

The report even emphasized that Hezbollah might strike on the US homeland. Hezbollah has never hit the United States at home, but their growing strength, their frustration and their need to bow down to Iranian sponsors may push Hezbollah in that direction.

That's some scary stuff.

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