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Clinton in Israel
By Micah Halpern

Wednesday March 4, 2009

I've Been Thinking:

Yesterday US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was in Israel.
Clinton met with many leaders and got an earful of about Iran.
In typical Hillary fashion, she gave as good as she got.

Hillary spoke repeatedly about the Two State Solution.
It is an issue that Bibi Netanyahu has been reticent to endorse.
Because of his reticence and his inability to articulate a clear and positive stand Bibi is forcing Kadima, which takes a firm stand on the issue, out of his coalition.

Netanyahu obfuscates.
His often repeated comment is: "I think there is broad agreement inside Israel and outside that the Palestinians should have the ability to govern their lives but not to threaten ours." That is actually the quote from his Washington Post interview with Lally Weymouth.

Clinton made it repeatedly clear in the press conferences she held throughout her visit that the United States believes that establishing a Palestinian state next to secure and defensible Israel is a priority.

Clinton was articulating the thesis of the cast majority of Israelis.
So why is Bibi still sitting on the literal and figurative fence on this issue?
He does not want to alienate those of his allies who sit to the right of him.

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