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Begging Doesn't Work
By Micah Halpern

Wednesday September 16, 2009

I've Been Thinking:

Begging never works in diplomacy, especially Middle East diplomacy.
Begging never helps lure a leader over to your side.

The best diplomatic begging can do is to artificially trick the enemy into thinking that you are weaker than you are.
When former US President Bush begged the Saudi king to keep up the oil supply it served no good other than to show the Saudis how enslaved the United States was to Saudi oil.

Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu traveled to Russia last week to beg Putin and Medvedev not to go through with an arms deal to Iran that includes the sale of the S-300, an advanced surface to air missile.

The S-300 is a weapon that could seriously impede an Israeli strike against Iran.
Russia realizes the value of the S-300.
That is why they are selling it, and that is why Iran is buying it.

Inadvertently, Bibi delivered a message to Russia.
He showed Russia just how important those weapons are to the Iranians - and now the Russians may tag on a higher premium to Iran.
More importantly, the weapons' credibility has just been authenticated by the best possible evaluator.

Now Russia will deliver a message to Iran.
Russia will tell Iran just how effective the S-300 will be against an Israeli air strike.

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