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Iran Clamping Down
By Micah Halpern

Friday February 12, 2010

I've Been Thinking:

To give you a sense of how tense the situation is in Iran, just look at who was detained yesterday when she arrived in Teheran for a celebration rally marking the 31st anniversary of the Islamic Revolution.

The granddaughter of the Ayatollah Khomeini, that's who.
The Ayatollah Khomeini was the founder of the Revolution and his granddaughter was detained along with her husband who also happens to be the brother of the former president of Iran, the Ayatollah Mohammed Khatami.

These are people beyond reproach and with impeccable Iranian pedigrees.
But they are also considered dangerous by today's regime because any action or comments from them could sway many undecided people in Iran away from the current leadership and into the waiting arms of the reformers.

No one is safe in Iran.
Silence speaks as loudly as do actions and involvement.
In Iran there is no such thing as standing safely on the sidelines.

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4 June 2017 12:13 PM in Thoughts

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