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Irish Ship En Route to Israel
By Micah Halpern

Saturday June 5, 2010

I've Been Thinking:

The Irish government has come to a very fair agreement with Israel over the ship that set sail from Ireland en route to Gaza. The agreement is that the ship will dock in Ashdod Israel and unload. The cargo will be checked and then Israel will deliver it to Gaza.

Yesterday, late in the day, the crew that was intent on busting the blockade busted the agreement - they refused to go along with the arrangement.

After hearing this and recognizing the severity and the danger their citizens were in, the Irish Government issued a statement: "the Government demands that (Israel) demonstrate every restraint" when it intercepts the ship.

The Turkish flotilla is only the beginning of a very long wave of blockade busting ships. The summer activity for a certain segment of people will be joining ships destined for Gaza.

Israel has learned a lesson, of that I am sure.
Israel will find other ways to tow ships to Ashdod without endangering Israeli commandos.

Israel will not abandon this blockade.

4 June 2017 12:13 PM in Thoughts

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