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Israel's New Peace Proposal
By Micah Halpern

Saturday March 5, 2011

I'm Predicting:

It is not a secret that the White House has been frustrated, even disappointed, with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu.

When it comes to peace with the Palestinians, the White House believes that Netanyahu is dragging his feet and even sabotaging the process. When you speak to the White House they suggest that the Israelis are letting the process fail.

Now Netanyahu has another chance. The prime minister is developing another peace proposal/ initiative. Honestly, the White House is not holding its collective breath.
This time the Israelis will avoid the politically precarious issues of Jerusalem and refugees.

I think that this initiative will probably be one dimensional. It will focus on borders, an item that the White House knows and loves to hear about, especially the 1967 borders. Netanyahu will probably suggest broad strokes and outline a two-state solution rooted in the '67 borders.

This is a big risk for Israel. Even saying the words "'67 borders" can have serious ramifications. The irony is that at this point in Middle East history, this risky move might very well be Israel's safest move.

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