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Israel Will Strike Soon
By Micah Halpern

Sunday August 21, 2011

I'm Predicting:

These past few days have been fraught with tensions in Israel, Gaza and Egypt.

Terror escalated. Then came attacks and counter attacks. Now there are demands for justice and demands for apologies.
It seems clear that the tension will dissipate over the next few days.

It is in the interest of everyone for calm to be re-introduced.
But that calm will require Israel to apologize to Egypt.

Israel has already expressed regret, but that is not enough. This is not a redo of Turkey. Israel wants to use the apology as a way to help move Israeli - Egyptian relations forward, but the objective of Egypt's request is to quell national angst. Turkey's motivation for demanding an apology from Israel was entirely different, Turkey's aim was to humiliate Israel.

Hamas will reign in the rocket launchers from Gaza because they do not want another ground offensive or any offensive similar to operation Caste Lead. But Israel will certainly strike back hard at the terror cells in Gaza.

Expect this all to happen over the next 48 hours. And then, it will be over.

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