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Land Day for Palestinians
By Micah Halpern

Thursday March 29, 2012

I've Been Thinking:

Tomorrow marks the beginning of Land Day activities throughout the Middle East and around the world.

Land Day is a Palestinian protest day created to remember the year 1976 when Israel declared its intention to take over 20,000 dunam of Arab land and use it for settlement development.

There are supposed to be multiple peaceful rallies throughout the
Palestinian Authority. They are expecting tens of thousands of foreign visitors to fly in over the next few days to participate in their marches.

Around the world Arab groups are symbolically marching toward Jerusalem. Because of the nature of cities and borders and the PA and Israel, communities sometimes literally abut one another. So several weeks ago the Israelis sent messages to bordering neighbors to make certain that people stay away from Israel's fences. Last year the Syrians tried to storm the Israeli border fence and rush into Israel.

Police in Israel are on high alert. They will have road blocks to make certain that the marches do not enter Israel and that the threat level remains low and Israelis are secure and safe.

The expectation is that rhetoric will be high but will not set off a third intifada.

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