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Terror in Toulouse
By Micah Halpern

Thursday March 22, 2012

I've Been Thinking:

The terror attacks in France are extremely troubling - not just for the obvious reasons.

France is "the" bastion of democracy in modern history. It was in France that the concepts of freedom and equality first became a reality and the first real test case for those concepts was the Jews. Jews were emancipated in France as part of the French Revolution.

Now a Muslim terrorist, a member of al Qaeda, purposefully and willfully and violently murders seven people in Toulouse - three Muslim soldiers and four Jews including three children under the age of eight.

The terrorist murdered Muslims because they were soldiers fighting for France and in the eyes of al Qaeda that is a treasonous act punishable by death. And he took it upon himself to mete out that punishment.

The terrorist attacked a Jewish school to, in his words, "avenge the Palestinian children." The Prime Minister of the Palestinian Authority Salam Fayyad responded by demanding that terrorists of this type cease and desist. He said: "It is time for these criminals to stop marketing their terrorist acts in the name of Palestine and to stop pretending to stand up for the rights of Palestinian children who only ask for a decent life."

These events have shaken France and they have shaken the Jewish world and everyone who believes in freedom and equality.

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