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Hamas - PA Agreement Nears
By Micah Halpern

Tuesday May 20, 2014

I'm Predicting:

It is looking like Hamas and the Palestinian Authority are getting closer and closer to actually coming to an agreement.

The PA and Hamas have never been so close to a deal in the past.
There have already been two other signed agreements prior to this one, but they both broke down when it came to the details of the governing.

I still cannot see these two entities coexisting. It seems obvious to me that Hamas will very quickly increase their power - and in doing so a mini civil war will erupt and the entire Palestinian infrastructure will implode. And when the dust settles the only real power and stability will be found in local Palestinian leadership.

When the ink dries on the agreement between Hamas and the
Palestinian Authority, Israel and the United States will be stuck not knowing how to approach the situation. The US will try to create a balance as they always do, but they will probably continue to deal with the PA rather than Hamas. Israel will try to cut off support to the Palestinians because of the role Hamas will be playing and they too will, inevitably, still conduct their dealing with the PA, not Hamas.

The problem is that the PA will be hemorrhaging – power, status, influence, funds. Hamas will break down and destroy the entire
Palestinian Authority foundation of government now in place. They will institute shariyah law and enormously curtail freedoms especially women's rights and freedom of expression.

Hamas will intimidate all Palestinians and force compliance. And the Palestinian Authority as we know it will disappear within weeks of a final agreement.

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