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Drought in Iran
By Micah Halpern

Friday March 30, 2018

I've Been Thinking:

Iran is suffering a drought that is endangering the central area around the city of Isfahan.

Analysts say that conditions have worsened, in part, due to incompetence and mismanagement on the part of government. And Iranians are rising up in protest.

These protests have sprung up over the past month. Some of the protests have been squashed by authorities.

One of the chants shouted out during protests is "Death to the farmers - long live the oppressors." This is obviously a humorous critique of the situation. A drought can destroy the heart and soul of a region and impact a country on a national scale.

Water in the Middle East, even more so than in many other places in the world, needs to be properly managed so that people and populations can both earn a living and feed the masses without the need to import basic food needs.

The drought is not getting worse, it is only getting worse.

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2 April 2018 09:06 AM in Thoughts

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