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Palestinian Council To Meet- 1st Time in 10 Yrs
By Micah Halpern

Friday March 9, 2018

I've Been Thinking:

On April 30th the 700 strong Palestinian National Council will meet in Ramallah.

The PNC, the most important legislative body in the Palestinian government, has not met in over ten years.

The ostensible reason for this meeting is to fill those positions on the Palestinian Executive Committee that have been vacated because of deaths, illnesses, old age or a simple inability to function and carry on with the duties of the positions.

But there is another reason for the meeting.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas' health is not as stable as it was. Abbas is 82 years old and no successor has been tapped, no one is even on the horizon.

This PNC meeting is an opportunity to see who might emerge as potential leader. Should several potential leaders emerge, there might even be an election to choose candidates. There might even be a primary and then a run off. All that is doubtful, but who know what might happen.

The important part is that the Palestinian National Council is meeting.

It's a first step, an important step.

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12 March 2018 12:30 AM in Thoughts

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