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Gaza Plans Friday Protests
By Micah Halpern

Thursday April 5, 2018

I've Been Thinking:

Beginning Friday, Palestinians are planning a second week of protests at the Gaza-Israel border.

Last Friday Palestinians gathered at several points along the border. The total numbers were in question. Palestinians said 100,000 protesters turned out, Israel said the numbers were closer to 15,000. Looking at YouTube videos there were probably 30,000 protesters at the peak of the protest.

This Friday the Palestinians have called for 12,000 tires to be brought to the sites and set aflame. They also asked Palestinians participants to come with large mirrors.

The purpose of both these maneuvers is to make it harder for Israeli snipers to identify targets. Palestinians will also position their own snipers to shoot Israeli snipers.

The mirrors will reflect the sun and the tires will create a cloud of black smoke.

The danger of burning so many tires is devastating to the environment and to all the people around. The heat generated from the fire will be excessive.

According to weather predictions, the wind will blow west which means the smoke will blow back on the Palestinians and, in the end, not screen the protesters.

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8 April 2018 08:54 AM in Thoughts

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