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Still Spinning from The Attack
By Micah Halpern

Wednesday October 31, 2018

I've Been Thinking:

The mass murder of 11 Jews while praying in synagogue on a Sabbath morning has stunned America. The reaction is still apparent days later - the story still continues to dominate the headlines.

And not just in the US. Interest in this horrific event perpetrated upon 11 Jews resonates in Europe. Why?

Why is Europe so enthralled with the story? There are two reasons. First, is shock and dismay. Second, is that Europeans need to prove to themselves, to the United States and to Israel that Europe is not the only place where anti- Semitism lurks.

Israel is also spinning from this catastrophe. Israeli media is multi-focused - on the crime, on the victims and on the perpetrator of the crime. They are also asking an all important question.

Israeli media is asking: Is it is still safe for Jews to live in America as Jews?

It is the ultimate question about Zionism.

The original Zionists advocated leaving the Diaspora because of the
dangers in the Diaspora - the exception was the United States where Jews were supposedly safe. This attack calls that assumption into question.

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1 November 2018 11:41 PM in Thoughts

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