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Hamas Beats Abbas in New Poll
By Micah Halpern

Wednesday December 19, 2018

I've Been Thinking:

According to the latest Palestinian poll, Hamas will defeat the Palestinian Authority in an election.

The poll encompassed Gaza and the West Bank and involved 1,200 people. It would make sense that Hamas would win in Gaza - but in the West Bank?

The poll was specifically about the leaders of the two governments, it was about Hamas' Ismail Haniyeh versus the PA's Mahmoud Abbas.

Haniyeh trounced Abbas. 49% Haniyeh to 42% Abbas.

The poll was conducted by Khalil Shikaki, a very reputable pollster. Shikaki founded and heads the Palestinian Center for Policy Survey Research. He is also on faculty at Brandeis University in Boston. His methodology and his science are exceptional. My only critique is that his sample is way too large.

The most important take away from this poll is that Abbas is on the wane. His days, as they say, are numbered.

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20 December 2018 12:28 AM in Thoughts

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