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Russia Takes Over MidEast
By Micah Halpern

Wednesday January 2, 2019

I've Been Thinking:

Russia decided to make their Middle East presence know to everyone.

So the Russians took center stage by pushing the United States out of the position they had been occupying for a long time.

They did it with very little. They did it via media coverage.

Russia has been driving coverage in the Middle East. They are constantly featured as the centerpiece. And while it may not be true - it is the perception. The perception is driving the reality.

And they did it via the sale of weapons.

Russia is selling weapons to the players in the Middle East. Militant groups and entire countries are grateful for the weapons and the training they are receiving. Russian soldiers and contractors are swarming all over the Middle East.

And they did it going the business route.

Russia is driving contracts and business deals. These deals are essential in developing the Middle East. Coverage of the business deals is plastered in the media. And they are bringing in their own Russian investors.

Each of these four actions by the Russian, in and of themselves, is small. Together, they pack a big wallop and turn into a winning combination.

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3 January 2019 12:25 AM in Thoughts

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