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US Condemns UN
By Micah Halpern

Friday May 10, 2019

I've Been Thinking:

I do not like to write about the United Nations but sometimes what happens is so outrageous I cannot remain silent.

The United Nations Security Council met to condemn Israel. They did not condemn Hamas for launching 700 rockets into Israel.

President Trump's Special Envoy Jason Greenblatt appeared at was is called and Arria Formula meeting. He condemned the UNSC for their present act and their history.

"Where is the urgent condemnation from this room for that unconscionable, sustained attack? Where is the sympathy and the solidarity for the people of Israel? All I hear is silence," Greenblatt said.

"It is baffling and disappointing to see the obvious, continual anti=Israel bias here. Here we are in an Arria session to condemn Israel, in the same halls where just a few months ago, Member States failed to condemn Hamas, a known terrorist organization that just a few days ago fired close to 700 rockets at Israel - including at hospitals and schools," Greenblatt said.

"It is truly shameful that in these halls there have been nearly 700 resolutions condemning actions of Israel - the region's only real democracy - yet not one condemning Hamas' attacks on Israelis or its abuse and neglect of the very people it purports to govern," Greenblatt said.

Looking beyond Gaza, he said, the UNSC has never held an "Arria or session of any kind focused on Palestinian terrorism or incitement."

"Let's stop pretending that settlements are what is keeping the sides from a negotiated peaceful solution. This farce and obsessive focus on one aspect of this complicated conflict helps no one," Greenblatt said.

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13 May 2019 12:06 AM in Thoughts

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