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Trump - Don't Respond to Iran
By Micah Halpern

Monday June 17, 2019

I've Been Thinking:

Iran is luring the United States into a trap.
All these attacks against oil tankers and other US interests are Iran's way of trying to have US President Donald J. Trump respond.

And should Trump respond - any response will be deemed excessive and disproportionate and will play right into the hands of Iran and their public relations campaign. Iran's bottom line remains unvaried, the United States is unfairly targeting Iran.

My advice to the White House and the president is do not take the bait! Even when Iran escalates their targeting - do not take the bait. The only action I would recommend is interception.

Interception is when the United States sees an attack happening, intervenes and stops it before it reaches its target. In doing so the evidence will be clear that Iran was responsible and the Iranians will be publicly humiliated.

The situation is, quite obviously, problematic and extremely explosive. The potential for a larger conflict is certainly there.
And the lesson to be gleaned by Russia, China and North Korea should the United States let US interests be attacked without responding would have serious future ramifications for the US .

Israel is one of the United State's greatest strategic interests. Shared enemies may decide that the US and Israel will not respond to minor attacks so as not to escalate tensions with Iran and then go ahead and pepper them with small attacks.

None the less - and I can't stress this enough, it is essential that the United States hold firm and not respond to Iranian taunts and teases right now.

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19 June 2019 03:20 PM in Thoughts

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