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Iran Now Likes Bolton
By Micah Halpern

Sunday December 20, 2020
I've Been Thinking:

Iranís FARS media has run a large story singing the praises of John Bolton.

I, too, was stunned as I read the piece. John Bolton is a hawk on all issues - especially on the Iranian issue.

As President Trumpís National Security Advisor, Bolton was the most vociferous of all hawks, constantly suggesting strikes and aggressive responses to Iranian hostility. None of this was new behavior or thinking. Bolton has been consistent throughout his career.

And then he and President Trump had a parting of the ways. And John Bolton wrote a tell-all book. And now Iran is praising him.

The reason is clear. In praising John Bolton, Iran is criticizing Donald Trump.

There are rumors that President Trump wants to impose martial law. Bolton does not think that to be a good idea and made his comments public. Trump retorted, in a tweet, that Bolton is ďone of the dumbest people in Washington.Ē

Iran has been running with the martial law story.

It proves Machiavelliís axiom. ďThe enemy of my enemy is my friend.Ē Trump is Iranís enemy + Trump and Bolton are enemies = Iran + Bolton = Friends.
Simple math.

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21 December 2020 01:19 PM in Thoughts

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