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Assad Has COVID
By Micah Halpern

Thursday March 4, 2021
I've Been Thinking:

President Assad of Syria and his wife Asma tested positive for COVID. Both the president and his wife are 55 years old.

Asma had cancer nearly three years ago. She was treated and has fully recovered. The presidential office said that they have only mild symptoms, are in isolation in the palace and will return to work in a few weeks.

Several important points have emerged with that report.

Telling us that Assad and his wife have COIVD is unusual – it is not the modus operandi in Syria. Not telling us how serious the cases are is also very telling. The Syrian president’s office lies all the time. They are not lying about the COVID, but they are most certainly lying about the symptoms.

As an example of a lie - according to Syrian health officials only 16,000 people in Syria have contracted COVID. That cannot be the case.

In a dictatorship, information about the president or about national health are almost never made public and what is made public is almost never accurate.
It will be interesting to see if any further details – truth, half truths or lies – will be released.

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9 March 2021 10:40 PM in Thoughts

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