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Teaching Site Says Jews Killed Jesus
By Micah Halpern

Friday March 5, 2021
I've Been Thinking:

A mother complained that the homework assignment for her 7 year old son depicted the Jews as killing Jesus.

As a result, the site that the homework was on took down the 19 pages dealing with Jews as the killers of their god.

On the site, under the title The Trial, there was the following quote: “The Jewish leaders wanted Jesus to be guilty. They found it difficult to find anything that he had done wrong even though they paid people to lie about him. Eventually they asked him if he was the Son of God. Jesus replied I am. This was enough. They said this was an insult to God. Jesus was taken before Pontius Pilate the Roman Governor.”

And it goes on.

In the Christian Bible, on the several occasions where it is written that Jesus says that he is the son of God, it is only inferred. He never actually says those words.

There are people who are teaching children to hate Jews because they are the killers of their god. It is medieval. But it is happening today.

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9 March 2021 10:42 PM in Thoughts

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