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Drone Deliveries in Israel
By Micah Halpern

Wednesday March 17, 2021
I've Been Thinking:

Israel conducted a drone exercise on Wednesday. This was not a military program, instead, it was a test of commercial deliveries using small mini drones.

The test took place in the city of Hadera. It was computer controlled and managed from Haifa, which is 35 miles away.

The drones, released 20 at a time, delivered pizzas and other small items.

The skies of Israel are filled with other drones, with planes and with helicopters and even with paragliders. Because of all this air traffic, the rules of delivery drones state that they must fly under an altitude of 360 feet.

Israelís delivery drones all have emergency parachutes in case of malfunctions.
Should there be a malfunction, the parachute will make certain the drone and the package and anyone or anything on the ground is not damaged.

The exercise was a success. It looks like drone deliveries are soon to become a reality for Israelis.

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19 March 2021 12:43 AM in Thoughts

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